Zordo XX
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Vital statistics
Title Zordo XX
Gender Genderless
Race Andromeda Country Bioweapon
Affiliation Andromeda Country
Status Destroyed

Zordo XX is the first Andromeda Country monster encountered in the manga Getter Robo Arc.


Zordo XX was gigantic in size having the appearance of a giant squid, it had a clump of tentacles at the bottom of its body. He had a fat dome like body with four eyes on front, at the top was a small upper human body with a single cyclopian eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zordo XX is able to hover in the air for innumerable amounts of time as well as release exhaust to quickly propel itself upward. It is able to release bolts of electricity from its tentacles to attack enemies. The tentacles can also ensnare as well as stab opponents to directly send electricity into an enemy. Its armor is also able to deflect beams of Getter Rays.


Zordo XX appeared to attack the Saotome Institute. The Saotome Institute sent out the Getter D2 to fight it but its armor proved to be too much for it and was overwhelmed. The same Getter Robo D2 hijacked by Takuma Nagare manages to intercept and damage the monster but it overpowers him until help from Getter Robo Arc arrives damaging the armor further and both Getters release Getter Beams that destroy the monster.