Vital statistics
Title Woman Dragon Warrior Yunke
Jun Katagiri
Gender Female
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Voice Actor Hiroko Kikuchi
Status Deceased
Yunke is a spy and assassin in the Dinosaur Empire serving directly under Yura the Great.

Appearance Edit

Yunke has a very humanoid appearance with a human-esque face, yellow skin, red padding-like scales (including pink pads that cover her breast-like area) on her chest, forearms, and a frilled helmet.

Personality Edit

Yunke is loyal to her master, Yura and is willing to deceive others to get enemy information in order to get Yura's approval. However, spending time with Ryoma in disguise caused her to grow rather close with him, allowing her to accept defeat and forgiveness from him.

Abilities Edit

Yunke is capable of changing her appearance to a human form that can look exactly like another person when the appearance is shown. By playing a certain sound, she can hypnotise targets. Yunke is also an adequate pilot able to control the the Mechasaurus Ubi.

History Edit

To steal the secrets of the Getter Navalon Cannon, Yunke went undercover as Jun Katagiri a girl who resembles Ryoma's late sister Jun Nagare. Growing close with Ryoma, Yunke eventually hypnotizes him to get the cannon's mechanisms. Hayato and Musashi however saved Ryoma and fought against Yunke in her true form. Fighting the Getter 1, the Ubi is thrown near the crater of a volcano. Ryoma attempts to help her in spite of everything. However, Yunke is shot down by another Mechasaurus Arrow.

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