Vega Zone Troopers
Vega Zone Trooper
Vital statistics
Title Vega Zone Troopers
Gender Predominantly Male
Race Zombies/Cyborgs
Affiliation Vega Zone
Status Deceased
Vega Zone Troopers are the individual members of the Vega Zone, they were once humans but they had been converted into cyborgs by Professor Lando.


The Vega Zone Troopers were mostly humanoid. However, they wore black and dark gray armor with hoses that come from they're back. Their masks feature helmets, gas-mask like masks, and purple lenses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All Vega Zone Troopers had incredible strength and enhanced agility due to their cybernetics. Their endurance is also very high, being able to withstand bullet fire.



Trivia Edit

  • The appearance of the troopers masks, evoke the image of Darth Vader.

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