The Mechasaurus Ur is a special Mechasaurus robot outfitted with artificial intelligence and unlike other Mechasaurus is based on a modern mammal instead of a dinosaur. It appeared of episode 12 of the original anime.

Appearance Edit

Ur resembles a large mechanical wolf with a mainly green body, a purple main body with spikes and a plate near the neck area. It has dark green ears and purple fur under its jaw.

Abilities Edit

Ur's artificial intelligence allows it to act independently, it is quite formidable on its own allowing it to single-handedly match the Getter Robo and its pilots in combat; so much that even the captains are afraid to use it. The alloy on its body is harder than other Mechasaurus allowing it greater offense and defense ability. Despite this, it able to move at high speeds able to keep up with the Getter-2 formation. Its fangs are powerful enough to catch a Getter Tomahawk without any ill effects. The head and back also contain missiles that can be launched at opponents. Ur however suffers from one weakness, its artificial intelligence makes it behave like a playful dog at times, allowing it to be distracted by objects like balls.

History Edit

After much consideration, Ur was released into battle while the captains were at a safe distance away. Ur caused enough trouble for the Getter Robo to show up. The Getter Robo grappled with Ur for much of the battle but almost all tactics were no use. Then Ryoma noticed how distracted it was with a ball, so he and Dr. Saotome come up with an idea to use a ball shaped bomb. Using his soccer skills, Ryoma had the Getter Robo kick the bomb away so far that Ur had to follow at its highest speed and away from civilization for the bomb to explode.

Etymology Edit

Ur means wolf in some variations of language.

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