Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Mutant Dinosaur Person
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire Chiryu Clan
Status Presumed deceased
The Unnamed Chiryu Bat is a minor antagonist from the Getter Robo Daikessen ! video game. He was a member of the Chiryu Clan a group of mutated Dinosaur People who attacked the Saotome Institute.


The bat was a humanoid reptile with a short tail, clawed feet and hands. He had large ears with a black inlay and a stubby looking face. He wore light armor and carried a sword. His alternate form resembled a pile of glowing slime.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The bat was able to change his body into an acidic, slime like substance capable of burning through flesh. He presumably used his sword for combat on occasion as well.



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