The Tower is a massive land battleship utilized by Hayato Jin in Getter Robo Armageddon's middle segment.

Appearance and Functions Edit

The Tower is a large ship with a towering mobile fortress. Vents are located on the side of its body, treads on the bottom allow it to move over terrain. On the front is a tiny command center where Hayato commands the machine. The Tower has many compartments that shoot missiles at targets. It also holds and commands an army of robots that it can release from the bottom front.

History Edit

Many years after the Moon Wars, the Invaders still had all but controlled the world. Hayato created the Tower to combat them. However with Dr. Saotome leading the Invaders, it requires help from the Shin Getter Robo to push them back.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tower sports the ID number: NCC-1701-F, referring to the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek franchise.

Videos Edit

SRW Z2 Saisei-hen - Tower All Attacks01:07

SRW Z2 Saisei-hen - Tower All Attacks

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