Tomoe "Sarutobi"
Vital statistics
Title Tomoe
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Getter Team
Status N/A

Tomoe (nicknamed Sarutobi) is the leader of the anti-imperialist guerrilla factions of humans in opposition to the Dinosaur Empire. Upon encountering Nagare and Saotome, he joins them as a pilot for the Dino Getter Robo. While primarily based on Musashi Tomoe, he shares a few traits with a few other characters including Benkei Musashibō.

Appearance Edit

Sarutobi is a large burly man with long messy hair tied in a long ponytail and beady eyes. He wears a torn kimono for most of his appearances.

Personality Edit

Tomoe is steadfast and headstrong, refusing to back down from a fight. However he is very stubborn, refusing to join up with the Getter Team at first because of his position as a leader of the guerrillas and because of some Mechasaurus traumas after losing his parents. However, after Jin is rescued, Tomoe joins the Getter Team with the full intention to free humanity from their tyranny with the machine that they fear most. He also dislikes his name's feminine nature, preferring to go by his nickname Sarutobi.

Abilities Edit

Tomoe possess a large body that offers him great strength as well as a surprising amount of agility. This allows him to grapple with enemies for long periods of time and carry heavy weapons with little struggle. His composition is what allowed him to become a pilot for the Dino Getter, implementing his grappling skills into the machine for more power.

History Edit

When he was younger, Tomoe lost his parents to a Mechasaurus and had later met up with Jin. Together they formed a group of revolutionists but Jin was eventually captured. Sarutobi eventually encountered Nagare and Saotome. While getting into a struggle with Nagare, they are eventually broken up by Saotome. Saotome explains who they are, but Sarutobi, not willing to give up his position as leader to join outsiders sends them on a loyalty quest to find Jin as the second pilot of the Dino Getter. When Jin is recovered and becomes another pilot, Tomoe watches the fight between the Getter and Pikanodon. With Saotome unable to handle the immense pressure, Tomoe takes his place, joining up as the final pilot of the Getter. Together the three pilots face off against Mechasaurs and the local lord Ghoul. Ghoul's monstrous transformation however overwhelms them and he eventually reveals Saotome's true purpose behind the current era. Even then, Tomoe and the rest of the Getter Team put everything they have into a final attack, destroying Ghoul.

Etymology Edit

The third pilot of the Getter Robo have a tendency to be named after historical Japanese figures with Tomoe having two influences. The 'Tomoe' is a symbol with a swirl and comma-shape used, while Sarutobi's real name being feminine brings up Tomoe Gozen, a lady warrior supposedly existing in the Heian Era. Tomoe's nickname Sarutobi comes from the fictional ninja Sasuke Sarutobi.


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