Texas Mack is an American Super Robot working with the US military controlled by the siblings Jack and Mary King.

Appearance Edit

The Texas Mack has the image of the popular image of a cowboy. Compared to its original counterpart, the Texas Mack has broader shoulder and leg armor. The Hat Machine also partly resembles an airplane with a tail fin and wings. It features a blue vest and axilla area, a brown belt with a gun holster, and a ragged yellow cape.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

The Texas Mack is armed with a pair of revolvers, its fists, and a semi-automatic rifle for regular combat; as well as a lasso for restraining enemies. It is capable of short range flight. For more powerful enemies, it uses a gigantic rifle (dubbed by Jack as the "way too much high power man" cannon) that is stored in a large coffin that is capable of effortlessly destroying armies of Mechasaurs, but due to its large and unwieldy size it cannot be carried for long distances. As such, a number of storage are based around American owned areas including the White House and the American military base near Japan. The Hat Machine occupied by Mary King can function as a fighter plane as well as a shield. For long distance flight, Texas Mack rides the horse support mech Pasture King piloted by Jack's dog.

Video GalleryEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Texas Mack's use of a coffin and a secret weapon inside is a shout out to the Spaghetti Western film character Django, more specifically the original film by Sergio Corbucci.

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