Tatsuhito Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Tatsuhito Saotome
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Deceased
Tatsuhito Saotome is the eldest son of Dr. Saotome, the older brother of Michiru and Genki Saotome, as well as the coach of Ryoma Nagare of the Asama High soccer team and the pilot of the Prototype Getter Robo. His death served as the motivation for Ryoma to fight the Dinosaur Empire.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Tatsuhito Saotome is a young man with short brown hair and eyes. He has been seen in a track suit similar to most Japanese PE teachers and a pilot suit with a helmet that was later kept by Ryoma. Tatsuhito is a mild mannered person who was close with his family and student Ryoma, with Tatsuhito's death affecting them greatly.


Tatsuhito is a competent soccer coach, ensuring his team does their absolute best with good results. He was also a good pilot able to hold his own against a Mechasaurus in the Prototype Getter for a while.


Tatsuhito had been doing his job as the soccer team coach while getting his players including Ryoma to push themselves to the limit. Later as the Mechasaurus Saki attacked, Tatsuhito was sortied in the Prototype Getter. However, Mechasaurus Saki blasted the Prototype Getter Robo with fire while it was forming Getter 1 (while trying to escape). Ryoma managed to defeat the Mechasaurus in the completed Getter Robo and Tatsuhito's death had his father look for more pilots in order to avenge his son.

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