Tatsuhito Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Tatsuhito Saotome
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor Jin Yamanoi
Status Deceased
Tatsuhito Saotome is the son of Dr. Saotome and the test pilot of the Getter robots. Much like other counterparts, he was a martyr who served to drive a pilot to action.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tatsuhito is a young man of average height with short brown hair and eyes. He is usually seen in a pilot suit or a business outfit. Tatsuhito is loyal to his family putting his faith in his father's judgment compared to Michiru.

Abilities Edit

Tatsuhito acts as the test pilot to Getter robots but lacks the condition to handle a large amount of Getter Rays. However he shows an exceptionally powerful will as shown when turning into an Oni, he committed suicide before he hurt anybody.

History Edit

In the test stages of the Prototype Getter Robo, Tatsuhito was nearly consumed by the source of Getter Rays below the institute. This caused Tatsuhito some of his capabilities as a pilot. Years later, Tatsuhito would serve as an instructor for potential pilots. However an infestation of Oni attacked Tatsuhito infecting him. During the process, Tatsuhito stabbed himself as he pushed Ryoma Nagare into the Eagle Getter Machine. Tatsuhito died during the launching sequence.

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