Takuma's Mother
Takuma's Mother
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Female
Race Human
Age Unkown
Affiliation Nagare Ryu Dojo
Status Deceased

Takuma's Mother was the significant other of Ryoma Nagare, being in a relationship that gave birth to Takuma Nagare. She was killed prior to the start of the series protecting Takuma from agents of the Andromeda Country, serving as his main motivation in the fight against them.

Appearance Edit

Takuma's mother was of average height and weight for a woman her age. She had short and messy dark hair and was always dressed in the Nagare-Ryu Dojo's gi while wearing the haori representing herself as an instructor.

Personality Edit

Takuma's mother cared about her son and looked up to Ryoma with great affection. While strict with Takuma, it was only because she wanted her son to grow up strong like his father, especially with their poor living conditions. She is very strong willed, refusing to allow threats in her home.

Abilities Edit

Takuma's mother was stated to enter Japan's Women Judo championships with just three fingers. After Ryoma's death, she also took over his dojo.

History Edit

While the exact date of her meeting Ryoma is unknown, she was originally a student at Ryoma's Dojo. She managed to capture Ryoma's attention (as she claims through the 'red string of fate') and after a while they entered a relationship that conceived Takuma. Ryoma however died before Takuma was born, leaving his mother to take care of him herself. Takuma's mother raised Takuma with the limited provisions that the dojo could muster and taught him martial arts. One day, a man supposedly from an American military agency named Carter McDonald asked for Takuma. Takuma's mother however was not fooled by the act and protected Takuma at the cost of her life.

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