Sho Tachibana
Vital statistics
Title Sho Tachibana
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation NISAR
Voice Actor Yuko Kobayashi
Status Active
Sho Tachibana is the pilot of the Getter Sho formation of the Getter Robo Go, the daughter of Dr. Tachibana, as well as the younger sister of Shinichi Tachibana. She was originally a mechanic until convincing her father to allow her to become a pilot.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sho is a young woman of average build and height. She has short red hair based on the hairstyle of Cutie Honey. Sho is a serious young woman, ready to fight against the Metal Beasts in vengeance for her brother, and was peeved that her father did not approve of fighting against them even though the Getter is the only weapon that can fight against Vega Zone.


Sho's role as a mechanic gives her great understanding of the Getter, which also allowed her to become an effective pilot. She was also the one to give the Getter some upgrades from its prototype after observing some events.

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