Shin Getter Robo was the latest of the Getter robots created by Dr. Saotome. It was put into the dormancy when the government forcibly prohibited use and research on Getter Rays. It is piloted by Go Ichimonji, Sho Tachibana, and Gai Daido.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

  • Height: 55m
  • Weight: 220t

Shin Getter Robo is an immensely powerful Getter robot able to store a great amount of Getter Rays, so powerful that people who are not able to handle the pressure get absorbed into the Getter. It is able to absorb Getter Rays from just about any source including the prototype Getters. The Shin Getter's combat abilities greatly surpass earlier models, able to effortlessly fight off armies of Mechasaurus.

Forms Edit

Shin Getter 1 Edit

The flight based form that's able to fly at high speeds and release beams of high energy Getter Rays.

  • Getter Beam: Releases a blast of Getter Rays from the abdomen that is able to disintegrate targets with one blow.
  • Getter Tomahawk: Summons a double headed halberd that can also be combined with another one and thrown like a boomerang.
  • Stoner Sunshine (Super Robot Wars Reversal only): Builds up massive amounts of energy into a sphere and throws it at enemies.
  • Final Dynamic Special (Super Robot Wars Reversal and Super Robot Wars XO only)
    • Super Robot Wars Reversal: Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger perform a Double Burning Fire while Shin Getter fires off a Getter Beam.
    • Super Robot Wars XO: Great Mazinger rides on the Great Booster towards the foe while Mazinkaiser pulls out the Final Kaiser Blade. Shin Getter Robo fires off a mighty Getter Beam and Great Mazinger rams the Great Booster into the foe. Mazinkaiser finishes the foe off by slashing them up with the Final Kaiser Blade.

Shin Getter 2 Edit

The ground based form capable of moving at high speeds on land and armed with a drill.

  • Mirage Drill: Multi-colored energy beams shot from the drill at enemies.

Shin Getter 3 Edit

The heavy duty form armed with missiles.

  • Missile Bomb: Releases missiles from the dome behind the main body to attack enemies.

God Getter Edit

An evolved form taken when pushing the Getter Rays to the limit in a new and more powerful form able to effortlessly defeat the empowered Gore. The transformation gives it a dark navy blue coloring.

  • Stoner Sunshine: Similar to the Getter 1 but much more powerful.
  • Final Getter Crash: God Getter furiously pummels its foe into oblivion. In Super Robot Wars R, the dynamic kill for this move ends with God Getter piercing a hole through its foe with its enlarged right hand.

Video GalleryEdit

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