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Shin Getter Robo is a robot created by Dr. Saotome as a guardian and escort for pilots of the Shin Dragon. While initially piloted by the new Getter Team composed of Go, Kei, and Gai it was later used by the previous generation pilots Ryoma, Hayato, and Benkei to fight Dr. Saotome and the Invaders.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

The Shin Getter is a powerful robot that surpassed its earlier models in performance, yet compared to its other counterparts it not as volatile or overwhelming with the role of which given to the Shin Dragon. The cockpits are highly airtight allowing pilots to go into the atmosphere and space without a special suit. Due to its compatibility with the Shin Dragon, it is able to perform special combination attacks that can cause large scale destruction.

Forms Edit

Shin Getter 1 Edit

The Flight based form able move at supersonic speeds. It is the most used form due to its weaponry and more balanced moveset. It wings also serve as a mechanism for offense and defense.

  • Getter Tomahawk: Releases a halberd from the shoulder area for melee combat, the bottom can also shift into either a scythe or spear.
    • Getter Scythe: A large sickle brought out the same way used to bring out the Getter Tomahawk.
    • Getter Lancer: A large spear that serves a similar purpose to the Getter Scythe, mainly by shifting the blades from either the axe or scythe into a point.
  • Tomahawk Lancer (Armageddon): Similar to the Tomahawk Boomerang attack except more than one is thrown in rapid succession.
  • Getter Beam: There are two places the beams are shot out of with the beams from the head lenses being green and the more powerful red Getter Beam shot from the abdomen.
  • Stoner Sunshine: Creates a concentrated sphere of Getter Rays that is highly destructive, able to effortlessly destroy an entire army of Invaders infected robots.

Combination Attacks Edit

  • Final Getter Beam: Combines the Getter Beam with the one from the Getter Dragon to create a powerful blast.
  • Final Getter Tomahawk: Harnessing the energy of the Getter Dragon, Shin Getter unleashes a gigantic axe that is able to destroy an entire group of satellites.
  • Shin Shine Spark: Harnessing the Getter Energy from the amplification furnace from the Shin Getter, both units charge with a full charge of Getter Energy that can warp space and time.

Shin Getter 2 Edit

The Ground based high speed form armed with a drill.

  • Plasma Drill Hurricane: Charges at an enemy at high speed with the drill arm numerous times. Alternatively, it uses the drill to create a hurricane force vortex that is imbued with a powerful plasma.

Shin Getter 3 Edit

The Heavy Duty form that is armed with missiles from a container pulled by caterpillar tracks.

  • Getter Crash: Full body tackle
  • Missile Storm: Releases countless missiles from the rear container.
  • Getter Shoulder Missile: Releases missiles from the shoulder areas.
  • Daisetsuzan Oroshi: Extends the arms to grasp enemies, spin them overhead, and throwing them high into the air and crashing down onto the ground.

Video GalleryEdit

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