Schwartz Koff (Daikessen!)
Schwartz Koff
Vital statistics
Title Schwartz Koff
Gender Male
Race Human
Age (Young Adult)
Affiliation US Army
Allied Robot Corps
Status Alive
Schwartz Koff is an American soldier of German descent and a secondary character in the Getter Robo Daikessen !. He is the co-pilot of the Stilva α04, partnered with John Lambert.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Schwartz is a young man with an athletic build and short blonde hair. He has always been seen in his military pilot suit commonly seen in American Air Force pilots.

Schwartz is dedicated to fighting against the likes of the Hyakki Empire and Emperor Burai and Prof. Lando and his Metal Beasts. However, he can loose his cool quite easily, especially when it comes to helping or receiving help from people he deems below him, especially if they are Japanese. He has a strong hate towards the Japanese due to some past tragedies, but is also a racist bigot. He even has to be "reminded" by John Lambert that "the enemies aren't the Japanese". Thankfully his attitude towards Japanese people and The Getter Team changes, where it develops into a rivalry with some of the pilots including Go Ichimonji, instead of bigoted hate.


Schwartz is a competent fighter pilot able to control the Stilva as a co-pilot.



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