Robo Sun T-520
004 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Robo Sun T-250
Gender N/A
Race Super Robot
Affiliation Canadian Army,
Allied Robot Corps
Status Destroyed (Getter Robo Go manga), Operable (Daikessen!)

Robo Sun T-520 is a robot used by Canada's representatives in the Allied Robot Corps, piloted by twin pilots it served as vanguard in most battles.


Robo Sun's main body possesses a humanoid build with armored gauntlets on its arms, robust armor around the chest and shoulders, and a helmet with a blade on top. For mobility it moves around on a pair of large rotating paver wheels on the sides of its body.


Robo Sun possesses impressive defensive prowess as well as physical strength. The paver wheels are heavy enough to crush enemies with enough force.


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