The Revolutionists were an adolescent terrorist group founded by Hayato Jin in high school. The group is mainly composed of delinquents that like to cause trouble for the people around them, especially politicians.

Goals Edit

The Revolutionists goals according to their members were about making Japan better by getting rid of inept leaders, but their acts indicate they really just wanted to cause mayhem to satiate their sense of superiority.

History Edit

The Revolutionists were planning to attack an influential politician's car when Ryoma Nagare arrived to recruit Hayato. During their scuffle, a few Reptiloids attacked and killed a couple of the group's members.

After Hayato joined the Getter Team, his cousin Ryuji took over and they were made into cyborgs by the Hyakki Empire. With the destruction of Maoki, the state of the Revolutionists had ceased completely.

Bases Edit


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