Reconnaissance Mecha
Vital statistics
Title Raiko-2400
Gender None
Race Mecha
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Status Destroyed
Raiko-2400 is the second Super Robot from the Chinese army along with Jikyo.


The Raiko-2400 has a bulbous shape. The head of the robot is a cylinder-like with a face in front of it. Behind the shoulders are a pair of cannons. The arms are attached to the main body with a pair of large cables while the hands have four sharp claws.


Raiko-2400 (2)

The Raiko has two large cannons on the back. It hands has pointed fingers for melee combat. However as it was built for reconnaissance instead of combat it can be overpowered rather easily when given the chance.


The Raiko was sent out alongside several soldiers to investigate a mysterious thick mist which had recently eminated, they begin to travel into the mist when they caught sight of something in the distance, they arm themselves but suddenly the ground gives way underneath them and they are all seemingly killed.

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