Professor Makishimu
Maki shimu
Vital statistics
Title Professor Makishimu
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Elderly
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Deceased
Professor. Makishimu was an elderly scientist who worked at the Saotome Institute before departing and starting his research in archaeology.


Makishimu was an elderly man with long grey hair and a large mustache.


Makishimu was a scientist working at the Saotome Institute. At one point he led an expedition to the ruins of Atlantis where he discovered the ancient robot protector Uzahra buried in the city's rubble. While researching the robot and learning of its history, several members of another group of scientists reveal themselves to be Oni. Makishimu orders his assistant to return Uzahra's head to the Saotome Institute with orders to destroy it. Makishimu is seemingly killed soon afterwards.

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