Professor Han
023 (3)
Vital statistics
Title Professor Han
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Age (Elderly)
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Active
Professor Han is a scientist working for the Dinosaur Empire, succeeding Director Galeli as lead Mechasaurus developer. He is one of the few people who know Kamui's secret identity as an offspring of the previous Emperor Gore.

Appearance Edit

Han is a tall dinosaur man with a reptilian-esque nose, beady eyes, and facial hair including his eyebrows and beard. Compared to other high positioned people in the Dinosaur Empire, he is not as imposing which gives way to his more gentle personality. For clothing Han is always seen with a cloak held down with shoulder pads.

Personality Edit

Han unlike the rest of his associates has a more gentle outlook, he does not possess a strong hatred for humanity or a drive for battle and only works to ensure his people's survival. He genuinely cares about Kamui Sho, being one of the few people who know his secret and is even willing to share such information with the Getter Team in spite that the empire plans to betray them later.

Abilities Edit

Han is a highly capable roboticist able to use the technology of the empire and the Saotome Institute to create the Gettersaurus. He is also able to guide both groups through the Zone.

History Edit

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