DG 05-06 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Pikanodon
Gender None
Race Mechasaurus
Affiliation Drago (pilot)
Status Destroyed

Pikanodon is a special Mechasaurus piloted by Dinosaur Empire prince Drago.

Appearance Edit

Pikanodon resembles a Godzilla-like dinosaur with reflective panels covering its body, as well as a flame-like mark on its head. In its transformed state, it takes the form of a black and silver colored Dino Getter 1, but with a grilled mask and with damage to its left side, reveals Pikanodon's real face. Later it also gains an extra set of arms featuring the drill and tyrannosaurus head of the Dino Getter 2.

Abilities Edit

Pikanodon's primary ability is gather data from light waves and use the data to project hard-light constructs around the mech and reinforce it with similar power and armor. Pikanodon used this to mimic the effects and functions of the Dino Getter 1. This allowed Pikanodon to project the Getter 1's scythe and Getter Tomahawks. However, Pikanodon's data capture process takes a certain length amount of time, preventing it from getting all of the data from the high speed Getter 2, only able to conjure its arms. Even then, Pikanodon can still use the data in ways that the original cannot do such as sprouting more limbs. However, Pikanodon cannot copy the alternate forms of Dino Getter due to high levels of Getter Ray energy required to do so.

History Edit

With the Dino Getter Robo gaining a new pilot in Jin, Drago unleashes Pikanodon. Immediately it takes the form of a black Dino Getter 1. As it fights against the Getter 2, Jin uses the mech's speed to prevent Pikanodon from copying its capabilities. However, in spite of the fight it put up, the Getter was knocked down. With Tomoe taking Saotome's place in piloting, Jin got back in the fight counterattack. Seeing yet another weakness in Pikanodon, Jin had the Getter assume its alternate Tyrannosaurus form using its speed and Getter Energy output to penetrate through Pikanodon and kill Drago.

Trivia Edit

  • Pikanodon's copied Getter 1 appearance tributes the original Black Getter with its grilled facial mask.


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