Vital statistics
Title Neon
Gender Male
Race Mutant Dinosaur Man
Age (Adult)
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire

Chiryu Clan

Status Deceased
Neon is the leader of the Chiryu Clan group sent to attack the Saotome Institute.


Neon has a rather humanoid appearance possessing a human-esque face, shoulder length hair, as well as human-like limbs. Some unusual feature include a monobrow, a pair of antenna coming out of the top of his head, and reptilian eyes.


Neon shows loyalty to the Chiryu Clan and will do any job that has even a remote chance of giving them equal rights in the Empire.


Neon possesses a form of foresight that allows him to gaze into the future. This allows him to formulate plans for his group to use, whether to avoid a future or use it to their advantage. He is also able to control a Mechasaurus that gave the Getter some trouble.



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