DG 03-22 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Dinosaur Empire Princess Naga
Gender Female
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased
Naga is a Dinosaur Empire princess who compared to most nobles and members of the empire, actually had a warm heart and comforted a human, Jin. Her relationship with Jin helped put him on the path to become a pilot of the Dino Getter Robo.

Appearance Edit

Naga has a surprisingly human-like appearance featuring breasts and a female mammalian body structure, a human-like nose, as well as having long proto-feathers tied behind her head much like hair. She featured scales around her face as well as the rest of her body displaying that she is a Dinosaur Man. She was often seen wearing a long dress with leather decorations on the collar and joint areas.

Personality Edit

Naga, unlike the rest of the empire, did not think badly of humans and is much more compassionate. This may in part be because she is looked down as a female and her father, Ghoul had Naga secluded in the mountains because she disliked violence. In spite of this, Naga did not think badly of her brother Drago in-spite of the atrocities he committed. When it came to Jin, Naga became close with him over the years they spent together enough to save him from an execution several times.

History Edit

Naga was stationed near a mountainous area that was attacked by human guerrillas, there she met Jin and as he was about to be killed, Naga offered to keep him as a prisoner instead. During that time, Naga taught Jin how to read and write while offering him solace. This however did not sit well with Drago; out of jealousy of Jin for his closeness with Naga and Drago's contempt of humanity had Jin sent out to be executed. Naga had tried to save him but Drago grabbed her from behind. Disappointed at his sister's attitude and to spite Jin, Drago killed Naga by biting her neck off. With Naga's death, Jin vowed to continue on to fight with the love given to him by Naga for humanity.


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