Michiru Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Michiru Saotome
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Status {{{status}}}
Michiru Saotome is a classmate of Ryoma Nagare, going to school on a grant after the supposed death of her family.

Appearance Edit

Michiru is a teenaged girl of average height and weight for her age. She has shoulder length brown hair that is always worn in a hairband.

Personality Edit

Michiru is bothered by the loss of her family and tries to get through life. As such she tries to avoid trouble due to being on a grant. However, sympathizing with Ryoma due to sharing that they lost their families, she was the only one to try and become friends with him.

History Edit

Michiru after some event had lost her family. At school, she lived a moderately average life and tried to befriend the reclusive Ryoma Nagare. Bothered by some bullies with connections, Michiru tried to put some distance between her and them. But when one of them threatened to use his influence to get Michiru kicked out of school she put up no resistance as Ryoma walked by them. However, Ryoma suddenly attacked the bullies knocking them out. The next day as Ryoma is requested to be withdrawn, Michiru goes to thank him but is caught in the attacked by a Devolved being with Ryoma finding what's left of her.

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