Michiru Saotome (Daikessen!)
Vital statistics
Title Michiru Saotome
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Alive
Michiru Saotome is the daughter and middle child of Dr. Saotome. Compared to her other counterparts, Michiru played a bigger role in the game, piloting Lady Command and having the ability to pilot other Mechs, even Getter robots.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Michiru is of average height and build for a late teen girl with messy short brown hair worn with a red hairband as well as casual clothes, which include: a light yellow sweater as well as light red pants and white shoes. Her pilot suit consists of a red suit with yellow buttons, white sleeves, a black collar, a yellow scarf held by a button, gloves and boots, and a white helmet featuring a red trianble on top, a pair of buds, and a clear visor. Michiru is generally friendly and polite towards others, but can be rough with family when she has to be, particularly with her father. She deeply loves all members of her family and while close with the Getter Team, Michiru did not have any special feelings for them like her anime counterpart and only treated them like close friends. However, she is still a nice person and is very supportive of her teammates.


Michiru is a capable pilot, usually piloting jets including the Lady Command but has proven her worth to the Institute by piloting Getter Machines and using the effectively in combat.



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