Vital statistics
Title Masaru
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Rascals
Status Alive
Masaru was a young boy and among the only survivors after Y City was attaked by the Dinosaur Empire.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Masaru was a young boy with short proportions aged around twelve years old, he had neat dark hair. With the death of Kii, his girlfriend, Masaru became vengeful and wanted to get back at the Empire for the death of his loved ones. However, like the rest of his friends he was blinded by anger and frustration that nearly cost him his life.


Masaru spotted Ryoma Nagare after he crashed his Getter Machine. After being assured that Ryoma was human, he and the rest allowed him to travel on. Masaru hit him after Ryoma accidentally stepped on Kii. When they boasted their desire for vengeance using a crate of dynamite, Ryoma tried to talk them out of it knowing that dynamite might not work on the Empire's mobile base but the boys went anyway. While the others were scared to move, Masaru in a desperate move charged with lit dynamite. However, the base detected him and would have gotten him killed had Hayato Jin not saved him. Masaru later watched the battle between the Getter Robo and the Mechasaurus Moba even when Ryoma had to disengage. After the battle, it is unknown what happened to him and Sho, but they had survived.


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