DG 01-20 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Komodo
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased by Chapter 3

Komodo is a Dinosaur Empire Lord in control of the territory where Nagare was born in. He served as the first major antagonist of Dino Getter.

Appearance Edit

Komodo somewhat resembles Emperor Gore from the original manga, as a reptilian humanoid standing on two legs with a somewhat flattened face that is surrounded by a a toothed saurian hood that features spikes going down the back of the head. He is always seen in a dark robe that covers his body.

Personality Edit

Komodo is very cruel and intimidating against humans, calling them 'vile apes'. His hobby even involves hunting down humans that have escaped from one of his territory's hunters. Komodo however had taken an interest in Nagare, the only human not to back down from him and even prepared to fight against him years later.

History Edit

Komodo appeared to a young Nagare while presenting the head of his friend Goki to him. Nagare was shocked but surprised Komodo by facing the lord. Komodo mockingly commending Nagare throws his spear at Nagare sending the boy down the ravine. Komodo however prepared for the day Nagare would come back should he survive the fall. Nagare resurfaced years later as a young man and brought out his Mechasaurus army. Nagare using the Dino Getter Robo fought against the masses before taking on Komodo's personal machine. While Komodo's mech restrained the Dino Getter, Nagare freed the Getter and later used its Shine Spark and pteranodon form to destroy the mech with Komodo inside, killing him.


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