Kamui Sho
Vital statistics
Title Kamui Sho
Gender Male
Race Hybird Human/Dinosaur Man
Age (Young Adult)
Affiliation Getter Team (defected),

Dinosaur Empire

Status N/A

Kaumi Sho is a Dinosaur Man/Human hybrid coming from the DNA of the previous Emperor Gore and a human mother as part of the Dinosaur Empire's project to use human DNA in order to protect future generations from the effects of Getter Rays. He served as a pilot of the Getter Robo āḥ's Getter hrīḥ formation until he defected from the Getter Team to take control of the Dinosaur Empire in a bloodless coup and create the Super Robot Bug to eliminate humanity and the Getter robots.

Appearance Edit

Kamui resembles a well built bipedal human with short hair but features reptilian traits including scales and a flat nose. He is always seen wearing the Saotome Institute's standard pilot suit and for a while wore a helmet similar to the one worn by Hayato Jin.

Personality Edit

Kamui is a calm and collected individual not easily intimidated by nearly any circumstance. He stands ready to face any challenge while keeping tabs on anyone that might become a liability. However, after witnessing a human squadron use the power of the Getter Rays to control a whole portion of a galaxy, Kamui grew disgusted by humanity seeing them as a threat to the Dinosaur Empire and the Getter Rays apparent favoritism towards them. To that end, he instigated a bloodless coup against his older half-brother Emperor Gore III to take control of the Empire to complete a weapon that could destroy the Getter and humanity along with it.

Abilities Edit

Kamui possesses a powerful resistance to the Getter Rays due to his human physiology unlike most full blooded Dinosaur men. His physiology also makes him stronger and have better reflexes than a normal human, being the first one to hurt Takuma Nagare who was nearly undefeated when it came to fights. Kamui is also a great pilot able to control the Getter alone and pilot the exceptionally powerful Bug with little trouble. His abilities in politics are also exceptional, able to convince a majority of the Empire's citizens to join him in his cause.

History Edit

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