A Jumbo Machinder was a large toy owned by Musashi Tomoe modeled after Getter-1. It was once (somehow) the pilot of Getter-1.

Appearance Edit

Jumbo Machinder is a few feet tall replica toy model of the Getter-1 formation of the Getter Robo but for whatever reason lacks the Getter Wing cape the formation is known for.


Whilst Hayato and Ryoma were unable to pilot the Getter units to do combat against Mechasaurus Giga, Musashi replaced Ryoma with the Jumbo Machinder and Hayato with the dog Robo. By pure chance and dumb luck, the three pilots manage to defeat Giga.

Trivia Edit

  • The Jumbo Machinder toyline is a set of large scale plastic models sold by Bandai's Popy subsidiary, well known for making toys based on mecha. This model being an in-universe model of the Getter-1.

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