Ichigan Nagare
Vital statistics
Title Ichigan Nagare
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Nagare Ryu Dojo
Status Deceased
Ichigan Nagare was the father of Ryoma Nagare and a infamous karate master, becoming blacklisted by other karatekas who called his style dishonorable and unrefined. He is only seen in a portrait and flashbacks, as he had passed away before the start of the manga.

Appearence and PersonalityEdit

Ichigan was a strong built, large man with a barrel chest. He had neat flat hair with sideburns and large eyebrows. His relationship with Ryoma was close but unique. He trained his son in Spartan Education in Nagare-ryu Karate, all in order to make him strong enough for the world. He was implied to be a realist in terms of combat as his style of karate was seen as being maverick to more traditional styles, which got him expelled from the world of karate and the demolition of his dojo.


Ichigan Nagare was known in the karate world for his pragmatic style that focused more on physically training the body to its limits and exploiting weaknesses/openings rather than form and technique. He trained his son Ryoma in his style using methods including hitting rocks repeatedly and fighting rabid dogs. Eventually he was expelled from the martial arts world by the Japanese Karate league for his untraditional methods. At some point Ichigan passed away for an unknown reason after living with Ryoma for a while. With his father's death, Ryoma would years later challenge the Karate league in vengeance and single handedly defeated every competitor and major member of the league. Some time later, he would open his own dojo based on Nagare-ryu Karate.

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