Heim Shatner (Daikessen!)
Heim Shatner-Daikessen
Vital statistics
Title Heim Shatner
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation German Military
Allied Robot Corps
Status Alive
Heim Shatner is a secondary character from Getter Robo Daikessen ! video game. He is the pilot of Gustaf H-24.


Heim Shatner is of regular height and is well built with dark and thick hair. He has a manly and some-what charming face. He is a veteran soldier with decent skills at piloting his own Super Robot.


He is very confident and maybe even a bit cocky when in battle, especially when his opponent appeares to be weaker than himself. That said, he isn't a coward that always fights with opponents that are weaker than himself and is willing to take the risks to fight off a powerful opponent that could end his life. He is also shown to be a patriot of his country. He was infuriated when the forces of Prof. Lando have attacked and ruined his hometown, swearing vengeance upon Lando and his minions.


Heim is a competent pilot able to use the Gustaf H-24 to it's fullest, especially with its weaponry.



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