Vital statistics
Title Gore
Gender Male
Race Invader
Affiliation Invaders
Status Destroyed

Gore is an artificial life form created from Ryoma Nagare's genes. He is the partner of Burai. His name and appearance is based on Emperor Gore from the original Getter Robo series.

Appearance Edit

Gore is a humanoid reptilian-like creature with a green outer hide with cobra-like folds on his head. He has a white face with strange eyes that have pink sclera and red irises. His more monstrous form resembles a blackened quadrupedal dinosaur with horns coming out the shoulders and retaining the cobra-like hood.

Abilities Edit

Gore possesses psychic abilities that allows him to communicate with Burai. After being nearly destroyed he was able to fuse together with Burai and hundreds of invader infected newts to create a powerful monster with his body serving as the bottom half. Gore is able to spew a substance from his mouth that is composed of invaders which can restrain enemies. This body is also partly amorphous allowing it to change shape at will to allow faster movement and gain greater agility.

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