DG 01-12 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Goki
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Himself
Status Deceased
Goki is a boy that encountered the young Nagare, becoming quick friends and giving Nagare the necessary courage to fight back against the Dinosaur Empire in Dino Getter.

Appearance Edit

Goki was a young boy with a semi-round face and thick eyebrows. He has short dark messy hair and large eyes. He was always seen wearing dark rags and is usually covered in dirt.

Personality Edit

Goki is fearless and strong willed. In spite of losing his parents, this did not discourage him from living. It only encouraged him to avenge his family. He is also kind and loyal, taking Nagare in after he lost his parents and encouraging him to keep moving forward no matter how hard things got. Goki also defended Nagare from an attack and even fought so that he could escape, showing loyalty in even the worst situations.

History Edit

Goki's family was hunted down by the Dinosaur Empire Lord Komodo. Losing his family, he vowed to avenge them. At a certain point, Goki found Nagare and helped him escape the hunters. Sharing food with him, Goki exchanges backstories with Nagare while telling him that while he is upset about losing his parents, he still wants to fight on rather than live as a victim for the rest of his life. When they are cornered by hunters, Goki took a spear for Nagare and told him to run while he fought them off. Unfortunately, Goki was killed with his head presented to Nagare. But Nagare's memories of Goki encouraged him to stand up against the Empire even after going underground.


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