DG 06-09 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Ghoul
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased by Chapter 7

Ghoul is the final antagonist of Dino Getter. A lord with a the largest territory with the title of 'Shoryuoh' he is one of the Fanged Eight, the most influential lords of the Empire. He is also the father of Drago and Naga.

Appearance Edit

Ghoul is a large humanoid dinosaur man with surprisingly human-like features such as a human-like nose and a long beard. He also has a hood similar to Emperor Gore from the original series but the hood opens up revealing a pterosaur-like decoration with two pairs of wings that sprout out. He is always seen wearing armor over a long gown.

Ghoul's monster form resembles a large serpentine dragon that retains the wings on the head while an armored humanoid torso sits near the back end.

Personality Edit

Ghoul compared to the other lords and his son has a more calm and calculating disposition. While still territorial and cruel against humans, he is rather charismatic, having an army of soldiers at his disposal. Compared to his son Drago has more than his fair share of dignity, never once lashing out at what went wrong.

Abilities Edit

Ghoul has command over armies of Dinosaur Men and Mechasaurs. He appears to be very powerful in combat and warfare as he was able to come up with contingencies when Saotome held him at gunpoint. His most powerful ability however is to transform into a giant dragon-like form that is able to battle and drive the Dino Getter Robo to its limits. The main humanoid body part is armed with a pair of swords that can be used offensively and defensively while the dragon-like part assimilates and absorbs organic matter.

History Edit

With news of his son's death reaching him, Ghoul sent his armies out to confront the Dino Getter. Most of his forces however were defeated and he later encountered Saotome who infiltrated is fortress. Ghoul however was not worried and taunted Saotome about what he did in the past before mortally wounding him. By that point, he assimilated Saotome into himself. With the Getter near, Ghoul assumed his monster form and fought the Getter. The Getter team have a tough time fighting Ghoul and during the fight, Ghoul reveals it was Saotome who started everything that gave the empire its power through his research on Getter Rays. He also explains that even if they defeat him, there are still more lords like him. Saotome's consciousness however tells the Getter Team to keep fighting and not give in. With this, the Getter Team pushes the Getter to its absolute limit, destroying Ghoul.

Trivia Edit


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