Vital statistics
Title Gettersaurus
Gender N/A
Race Mechasaurus
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire


Status Unkown

Gettersaurus is a special Mechasaurus created from the combined technology of the Dinosaur Empire and the Saotome Institute in Getter Robo Arc. It is piloted by an elite trio of pilots who are able to handle the immense pressure exerted by regular Getter Machines and are all just as powerful as their counterparts.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Gettersaurus resembles a dinosaur-like version of the Getter Robo G but only a theropod version of the Getter Dragon was ever seen among other possible forms. Like the Getter Robo it is built around three jets that can approach speeds similar to a Getter Machine. It is unknown if it is powered by Getter Rays given how dinosaur people are affected by them. For weaponry, Gettersaurus in its flight formation uses spiked maces as its equivalent of the Getter Tomahawk.

History Edit

Gettersaurus was used by a group of elite pilots along with the Getter Team to fight the Andromeda Country on the other side of the Zone. While Gettersaurus ended up being capable in combat, it needed help from the Getter Robo Arc a couple of times before a successful job of destroying the mothership and returning to Earth and the present.


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