Getter Robo Zan is a Getter robot exclusively found in Getter Robo Daikessen !. Unlike other robots in the game, it can only be piloted by women including its main pilots Akane Mizuki, Tsubaki Akiyama and Kaede Shibasaki. However any other female pilot can control it as well.

Features and Forms Edit

Getter Robo Zan resembles a female version of the Getter Robo with a more traditional Japanese style. The primary Getter Machine however is colored pink instead of red.

Getter Rekka Edit

Aerial form of the Getter Zan featuring a mainly pink coloring and horns that point downwards. Instead of the Getter Tomahawks, Getter Zan is armed with a katana called the Hizanto. Its special move is called Zanmako.


Getter Shiten Edit

Speedy ground form of the Getter Zan featuring a white paint job. Armed with a drill on its right hand, it is capable of moving at speeds high enough to produce shadow clones. Its special move is called Jazenko.


Getter Kongo Edit

Sea and heavy form of the Getter Zan with a yellow lead color. Its special move is called Shurahyorai.


Gallery Edit

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