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Getter Robo G Opening

Getter Robo G is a sequel series to Getter Robo taking place some time after the death of Musashi Tomoe. It introduces a stronger Getter robot called Getter Robo G and a new character who takes Musashi's place as the third Getter jet, Benkei Kuruma.


Getter Robo G was called in by a toy sponsor to extend the series and garner more profit. The Getter Robo G was designed to attract more fans. With the death of Musashi already in place, a never specified character was planned to be killed off but fan reaction brought this to an end.


With the death of Musashi and the Getter Robo no longer useful, a new threat in the form of the Hyakki Empire arises. To combat this new threat, the Getter Robo G is completed and a new pilot Benkei Kuruma is called in to fight in Musashi's place.

List of EpisodesEdit

Differences between Manga and AnimeEdit


  • The Hyakki Empire's Science Fortress Island is able to move along the surface and seabed and begins to fly in episode 10.


  • The Science Fortress Island could move across the seabed and even in space.
  • Atlantis appears with their ultimate weapon Uzahra acting as new strength for the Getter Robo team.
  • Final battle with the Hyakki Empire takes place in space.

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