Getter Robo is the song used in the Getter Robo and Getter Robo G anime. It was sung by Isao Sasaki.


Original/Romaji Edit

Gan Gan Gan Gan Wakai inochi ga makka ni oete GETTA SUPAAKU sora takaku Mitaka gattai GETTA ROBO da Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba Hitotsu no seii ha hyakuban PAWAA Aku o yurusuna GETTA PANCHI Getto Getto GETTA GETTA ROBO

Gan Gan Gan Gan Wakai hikari ga icchokusen ni GETTA CHENGI buchi kamase Mitaka hengen GETTA ROBO da Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba Hitotsu no yuuki ha hyakuban PAWAA Aku o tausuzo GETTA DORIRU Getto Getto GETTA GETTA ROBO

Gan Gan Gan Gan Wakai kimo ga niji o egaki GETTA FURAITO doko made mo Mitaka muteki no GETTA ROBO da Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba Hitotsu no riso ha hyakuban PAWAA Aku wo horobose GETTA BIIMU Getto Getto GETTA GETTA ROBO

Translated Edit

Gan Gan Gan Gan!

The flame of youth is burning hot as we're flying high
Getter Spark comes shining through the sky
Look at that!
It combines!
Getter Robo time!

Guts! Guts! Getter Guts!

When three hearts come together
Noble and brave and bold
The justice of the people will
Power up hundredfold

Smashing the bones of evil
Getter Punch is go!
Get, Get, Getter
Getter Robo!

Video GalleryEdit

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