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Getter Robo āḥ (ゲッターロボ アーク) is the final Getter Robo manga by Ken Ishikawa. It serves as a sequel to the Getter Robo Go manga. It reintroduces the Andromeda Country from the Shin Getter Robo manga as the main villains. It was published in Super Robot Magazine until the magazine's cancellation. It has been put into a permanent hiatus when Ishikawa had passed away from heart failure.


Taking place 10 years after Getter Robo Go and Mars had begun to terraform after the sacrifice of Go Ichimonji, Ryoma Nagare, and Tahir; Hayato Jin now runs the Saotome Institute against a new threat, the Andromeda Country. With their forces overwhelming the Saotome Institute considers launching the Getter Robo āḥ but has only one pilot. Then a young man appears piloting a fallen Getter robot and manages to get the enemy to a temporary retreat. The young man introduces himself as Takuma Nagare, Ryoma's son. With him is Tahir's younger brother Baku Yamagishi. Together with Kamui Sho, a half-human and half-dinosaur man recruit from the Dinosaur Empire they pilot the Getter Robo against the Andromeda forces.

With the threat increasing, the Saotome Institute makes an alliance with the Dinosaur Empire and when the Getter and the collaboration robot Gettersaurus are transported to the future where the Andromeda Country is through a Zone, they encounter a human army that is armed with gigantic space ship Getter Machines based on the components of the Getter Emperor and are lead by a cloned Musashi Tomoe that is part of the battle against the Andromeda Country. Kamui becomes disgusted with how humanity has become a force for annihilation and domination over the universe and is given the plans for a powerful Super Robot by the remnants of the Hyakki Empire. Once the Andromeda Country is dealt with and the Getter Team returns home, Kamui begins a bloodless coup within the Dinosaur Empire and becomes the new Emperor to destroy humanity and its progress on Getter Rays with the Super Robot Bug. The Getter is badly damaged but then the sleeping Shin Getter Robo G arises out of the Earth to confront both Bug and āḥ. What happens afterwards is unknown as the manga was put on a permanent hiatus with Ishikawa's death.

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