Getter Queen


Getter Alloy

Power Source

Getter Ray Energy Core


Michiru Saotome
Miki Makimura (Temporarily)

Getter Queen is a prototype of the Getter Robo featured in the crossover manga Devilman vs. Getter Robo and its sequel Demon Lord Dante vs. Getter Robo G. Compared to its original counterpart, it is a two-manned mech composed of two jets. It is piloted by Michiru Saotome and Miki Makimura in its appearance. It was later upgraded in the sequel.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Getter Queen resembles a more feminine Getter Robo with shorter fins attached to the head and a Getter Wing cape that only goes down to the lower back. On the chest area are panels shaped like breasts which serve as the control center for Unit 1 of the machine while Unit 2 is on the panel near the waist. The control centers however are rather cramped with women and children fitting in the machine better than men.

The Getter Queen is able to fly and is composed of two jets, however the lead Unit 1 automatically combines with Unit 2 rather than the jets working in tandem. It lacks any of the Getter robot's primary weapons as it only a prototype but is able to release a barrage of missile from its chest area after opening the panels on its breasts. After its upgrade, it became a single seated mech and is armed with a Getter Beam and Getter Tomahawk.

History Edit

When the Getter Robo and Devilman were having a hard time fighting the demons fused with Mechasaurs, Michiru asked her father if they could do anything to help. Dr. Saotome showed them the Getter Queen. Michiru took the lead unit while Miki took the supporting unit. The Queen managed to free the Getter from the fused monstrosities and provide a necessary distraction for Devilman to fuse with the Getter to become the Devil Getter.

Gallery Edit

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