The Getter Emperor (official name unknown) is an entity in a far flung future seen by Ryoma Nagare. It shows the true terror of Getter Rays at its fiercest, as well as a sign of a Getter's evolution. It serves as a plot element to show what must be overcome to prevent tragedies by the noblest means after a threat is dealt with.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Getter Emperor is a giant Getter robot composed of many smaller Getter robots aligned in a manner that constitutes an appearance very similar to the prototype Getter Robo. The Getter Emperor is easily one of the most powerful beings in the OVA, able to cross through realities and even pocket dimensions created by the Four Heavenly Kings. Its towering figure along with the amount of Getter Rays it utilizes gives the Getter great strength, allowing it to crush Tamonten's remains effortlessly. However, it seems rather vulnerable to Getter Machines that can put Getter Rays to their fullest shown when Ryoma used the Eagle unit to damage the giant machine. It also possesses a consciousness, allowing it to telepathically connect with Ryoma and tell him of what's to come.

History Edit

A glimpse of the Emperor is first seen in a dystopian future seen by Ryoma Nagare as many Getter fly towards it to gain the necessary power to break through their boundaries. It was later seen again after the Getter Team defeat Tamonten and the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings, with the Emperor crushing what was left of Tamonten. Realizing what was happening, Ryoma took off to fight it and other Getter Robots that could potentially become the Emperor with the Emperor itself telling Ryoma that its current body is only one form and that there will be much more chances.

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