Garon Z-54
Garon Z-54
Vital statistics
Title Garon Z-54
Gender None
Race Metal Beast
Affiliation Vega Zone
Status Destroyed
Garon Z-54 is a Metal Beast piloted by Shinichi Tachibana in the Getter Robo Go manga.


The Garon Z54 is a two part machine with a humanoid body with spiky hair and Mongolian styled armor sitting on top of a monster that has several horns extending out of its head and chin.


The Garon has a pair of swords to slice its enemies apart. The monster head can breathe out fire. The warrior also can shoot out beams from his eyes. Garon is able to move at a high speed, using appearing right behind an opponent to make a surprise attack.


Garon Z-54 was used by Shinichi when the Getter Robo Go entered the Turtle Dragon. The robot's immense speed made it difficult for the Getter to fight it. Sho's psychic-like connection with her brother allowed the Getter Team to intercept an attack and land a killing blow against the Garon.


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