Gai Daido
Gai DaidoDaikessen
Vital statistics
Title Gai Daido
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Tachibana Institute
Status Alive
Gai Daido is the pilot of the water focused Getter formation of the Getter Robo Go. Originally a mechanic, he was later accepted as a pilot due to his understanding of machines.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Gai is a large bodied young man with some noticable muscles. He has short black hair in a crew cut fashion. Gai has a deep affection for the Getter Robo treating it with the utmost respect. Some of his colleagues call him a "Getter Lover" because of this. Gai however can be tough when he needs to be.


While Gai has not entered battle as much as his teammates, he has a great understanding of the mechanics of the Getter Robo Go and other aircrafts able to judge its state from sound and the vibrations coming off the craft. This allowed him to pilot the Getter to its utmost potential even better than other candidates.



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