The Four Heavenly Kings are godly beings opposing Getter Rays and the potential futures their use with the Getter Robo can cause. Because of their actions of using the Oni and Abe no Seimei in their plans they serve as the main antagonists of New Getter Robo.

Members Edit

  • Tamonten: Leader and the most powerful of the group, armed with a powerful sword.
  • Komokuten: Strategist, uses a picture scroll in battle.
  • Jikokuten: Warrior armed with a sword and a shape shifting left arm.
  • Zochoten: Berserker armed with a monk staff, he was responsible for the incident with the Proto-Getter.

Trivia Edit

  • The Four Heavenly Kings appeared as characters in several manga by Ken Ishikawa with Hindu and Buddhists themes such as Kyomu Senki, often acting as protagonists.

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