Emperor Gore III
034 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Gore III
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Person
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Alive,

Emperor Gore III is the ruler of the Dinosaur Empire succeeding Emperor Gore and Empress Jatego. He is also the older half-brother of Kamui Sho.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Gore III resembles Gore including a similar headdress but has a darker color, has locks of black hair down the sides of his head, and wears a dark gown over his body. Gore also sports a crest on his forehead. He is dedicated to keeping the Dinosaur Empire in glory and is willing to work with past enemies of the empire, if and only so he can strike back later. While a purebred Dinosaur Person, Gore III lacks the same charisma of other rulers and he is actually afraid of Kamui usurping him.

Abilities Edit

Gore III controls the empire given his high position but as he lacks proper leadership skills, he is unable to get people on his side in times of crisis including Kamui's coup.

History Edit

Gore III appeared when the Getter Team visited the Dinosaur Empire in their base. He and Hayato explain the alliance against the Andromeda Country to take out their common threat. When Kamui was alone, he and the rest of the empire no longer needed to hide their intentions of stabbing the Saotome Institute in the back once the threat is over. However when their mission was completed, Kamui had come back and had usurped Gore of his throne. Gore was stunned by this and even more terrified of Kamui acquiring a weapon that could not only destroy the Getter Robo but even humanity.


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