Emperor Burai (Daikessen!)
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Burai
Gender Male
Race Oni
Affiliation Hyakki Empire
Status Deceased
Emperor Burai is the leader of the Hyakki Empire and the primary antagonist of Getter Robo G, as well as one of the primary antagonists of Getter Robo Daikessen !.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Emperor Burai resembles a middle aged yet-light brown skinned human with a pair of large antler-like horns extending from the sides of his head that features outgrown light purple hair and a beard. His eyes feature red pupils with light green scelera. Burai is always seen in a red military uniform that feature white straps, yellow tasseled shoulder pads, black shoes, and a black cape with a silver underside.

Burai is megalomaniacal, desiring to conquer the world under an iron fist. Driven mad with power, he sees all other lifeforms as below him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Emperor Burai has command over the entire Hyakki Empire giving permission to those under him to enact on his behalf. His horns act like radio antenna which allow him to control machines created by the empire including Hyakki Beasts, he is also a decent pilot, as evidenced by his piloting of Uzahra.



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