DG 03-24 (2)
Vital statistics
Title Drago
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased by Chapter 5
Drago is the prince and heir of the Dinosaur Empire lord, Ghoul as the next 'Shoryu'. He and his Mechasaurus, Pikanodon served as major villains in the middle arc of Dino Getter.

Appearance Edit

Drago is a young adult Dinosaur Man standing tall compared to humans. He features a pair of scaly bat-like wings on the back of his head similar to General Bat from the original series. His body while relatively-human shaped has flat facial features including a nose and lack of ears. He is dressed in a dark robe with armor.

Personality Edit

Drago like many members of the empire is cruel and vicious to what opposes him especially humans who he views as lower lifeforms. However, he is rather childish becoming rather bored with what comes his way and wishing for his sister Naga's approval but only if she becomes like what he and their father want her to be. When Naga showed more affection for the human, Jin, Drago did everything in his power to have Jin killed and test to see if Naga could be as ruthless as demanded. When this failed however, Drago savagely killed Naga without a hint of remorse.

Abilities Edit

Drago is a fairly competent pilot able to control Pikanodon to abilities that not many could surmise. With this, he was able to fight off the Getter Team in the Dino Getter Robo on nearly equal grounds.

History Edit

Drago had overseen the capture, torture, and execution of human guerrillas but noticed how his sister Naga gave solace to one of the human leaders Jin. Angry at this heresy, Drago had Jin prepared to be executed. When Naga tried to save him, Drago grabbed her from behind expressing his disappointment in her. In a fitting chance, Drago bit Naga's neck off, killing her right in front of Jin. Drago proceeded to have his beasts kill Jin if not for the arrival of Nagare. With Nagare and Tomoe freeing Jin, Drago mobilizes in his Pikanodon. Jin takes the bionic armor to control the Dino Getter in its Getter 2 formation with Drago having Pikanodon assume the form of the Getter 1 formation using its hard-light duplication abilities.

During the fight, Drago taunts Jin about what had transpired and how the greatest weapon against the empire could be used against the humans. Blowing back the Getter, it regains its footing when Tomoe becomes the third pilot and Jin beginning a counterattack. Drago just has Pikanodon copy the part of the Getter 2 as he grapples with the Getter 2's alternate form. With the fight continuing, Jin eventually deals the killing blow to Drago destroying him and Pikanodon.


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