Dr. Tachibana
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Tachibana
Gender Male
Race Human
Age (Middle Aged)
Affiliation NISAR
Voice Actor Ichiro Nagai
Status Active
Dr. Tachibana is the creator of the Getter Robo Go and one of the original scientists in the initial Vega Zone project. He is also the father of Sho and Shinichi Tachibana.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Dr. Tachibana is a middle-aged man of average height and build. He has aging hair, wears glasses and a lab coat. Dr. Tachibana is a pacifist, wanting the Getter to be a tool of peace as well as innovation. When the Getter became the only thing that stood any chance against the Metal Beasts, he stubbornly stuck to his pacifistic beliefs even despite the fact his son was killed by them. However, he is willing to improve upon the design with weaponry as time went on with help from the Defense Force.


Dr. Tachibana holds a high position in both rocket science and robotics, able to produce the spacefaring Getter Robo prototype and later expand on the design with powerful weaponry.

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