Dr. Shikishima
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Shikishima
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor Joji Yanami
Status Active
Dr. Shikishima is a scientist who once worked for the Saotome Institute until its activities were halted and he went to join NASAR in weapons research.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Shikishima shares his original counterpart's appearance, an old man with a deformed face particularly around the jaw with jagged teeth, a nose that has the nostrils point forward, and a dent nail in his head. He is bald on top with gray hair going down the back of his head. Shikishima wears a blue shirt, dark pants, shoes, a yellow tie, and wears a dusty and damaged lab coat.

Personality Edit

Like many of his other counterparts, Dr. Shikishima has the mannerisms of a mad scientist. Shikishima enjoys violence and mayhem, building weapons in order for them to be used in any conflict. Even Ryoma acknowledges Shikishima as a rather dangerous individual.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Shikishima is one of the leading scientists in developing powerful weapons including the weapons used by the Getter Robo. He also uses the weapons he creates in battle whenever he can, especially when action is required.

History Edit

Dr. Shikishima once worked for the Saotome Institute until its research was halted. Preferring to stay in battle and develop weapons, Dr. Shikishima joined NASAR with Hayato developing the weapons for the plasma powered Getter robots. But by the time the Dinosaur Empire returned and began to wreak havoc after attacking the Saotome Institute, Shikishima comes in to personally join the battle, helping Dr. Saotome get to safety and reunite with Ryoma. With the battle over, it is presumed he rejoined the Saotome Institute.

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