Dr. Shikishima
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Shikishima
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Active
Dr. Shikishima is a scientist working with Dr. Saotome on the development and battles of the Getter Robo. He is starkly different from his other counterparts in appearance and personality.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Shikishima is in his prime compared to other counterparts who were elderly. He also lacks the same deformities and implants those counterparts have; having a regular face and body structure, brown hair, and wears glasses. He is always seen in a white lab coat worn over a shirt, tie, pants, and shoes.

Personality Edit

In stark comparison to his more mentally unstable counterparts, Dr. Shikishima is much more level-headed but has constant worries about events such as the reckless performances of the pilots as well as unforeseen events such as a Devolved's evolution from Getter Ray exposure.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Shikishima is a highly skilled analyst, paying close attention to sudden changes such as with the Getter Robo and events happening in real time.

History Edit

Dr. Shikishima oversaw Musashi's training in the simulator while chastising him about making the simulation reach an error. Musashi replies that he won't be as reckless in real time, which Dr. Shikishima does not understand as per the purpose of the simulator. Later when a Devolved attacks and engages with the Getter Robo, Shikishima informs Saotome about its sudden evolution.

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